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Site Civil Engineering


DE's civil engineering projects begin with first understanding client needs and objectives.  DE works seamlessly as an extension of the client's team in preparing planning, design, permitting and construction documents. 


Supported by sophisticated software and technology, our goal is to produce functional engineering deliverables that inform and provide the digital and graphical information needed to help expedite construction and start up in a cost effective manner.

Environmental Science & Engineering

DE applies the scientific principles of ecology, geology, biology, chemistry, engineering and physics to study the effects of project implementation. 


By quantifying baseline environmental conditions and adverse or beneficial effects with data, models and analyses, DE incorporates to the degree practicable attractive, economic and ecologically-sound designs within the context of project development. 


DE unravels policy and regulation in preparing permit applications; and then, offers operational support, environmental monitoring and reporting services once permits are secure.

Geotechnical Engineering

Between science and art... DE's competence in the field of earthwork engineering arises from 45 years of hands on field experience in earthwork construction, backed by training, study and a history of successful design practice. 

Beginning with the investigation, sampling and mapping of site conditions, DE brings practical knowledge, sound geotechnical engineering theory, sophisticated software, judgement and common sense to bear in designing economical solutions for the task at hand.

Construction Services

DE offers a variety of services to developers and contractors during the construction phase of project development, including turnkey services that address the abundance, complexity and ever-changing requirements of stormwater regulations.

DE specializes in the inspection and testing of earthwork, geosynthetics and site construction materials to include verification of material quality, consistency of as-built conditions with approved design documents, soil moisture and density testing, and foundation inspection.

Solid Waste Management and Landfill Engineering

DE has a proven history of successful solid waste landfill, transfer station, material recovery facility, and composting facility design, permitting, construction and operations experience.

DE's special expertise lies in land disposal engineering where the dynamics of the landfill environment test the limits of common construction materials.  Successful design demands an understanding of waste geotechnics and the effects of high heat, biological decay compression, settlement, gas pressure, and corrosive/flammable atmospheres on the performance and long-term behavior of materials and systems

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