Savarino Companies
Buffalo, New York

Project Manager

Jim Daigler

Contact Number

(716) 773-6872 x205


The Buffalo River Landing Apartment building is an innovative redevelopment of the historic Erie Freight House site on 1 South Street in the City of Buffalo, New York, offering luxury apartments overlooking waters of the Buffalo River. 

Savarino Companies retained DE to evaluate the stability of several areas along the existing foundation wall that would be prepared for occupied post-development surcharge loading.  Such areas included a 380-foot-long private waterfront promenade and a near shore transformer.  Several site attributes contributed to the complex nature of the analysis, including the presence of a very soft, sensitive, thick lacustrine clay layer underlying a variable quality industrial fill, unique site geometry that limited available practicable stabilization solutions, and the lack of an in-depth pre-construction geotechnical exploration proximate the areas of concern.  

DE services included:

  • Focused site investigation along the Buffalo River bed and shoreline area;

  • Test pit exploration along the foundation wall;

  • Selection of geotechnical parameters via soil index and Standard Penetration Test (SPT) correlations;

  • Slope stability analysis and design;

  • Resisting pile design for areas adjacent to the transformer;

  • Preparation of the Geotechnical Report for regulatory approval; and,

  • Construction Drawings.