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Wilson Harbor is the largest naturally protected harbor on the southern shore of Lake Ontario and is home to over 500 boats distributed among three yacht clubs, three marinas, and private docking facilities.  Several restaurants, small boardwalk boutique shops, and the New York State Tuscarora Park international point of entry video phone and boat launch ramp, are located in Wilson Harbor.

Sediment accumulation over many years due to lack of funding adversely affected access to the harbor, boat slips, and launch sites; in turn, preventing the entry of many boats and suppressing economic development.  The Town of Wilson stakeholders group retained DE to help leverage the planned dredging of the Federal Channel by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in applications for Greenway Grant funds, harbor design improvements and environmental permit applications focused on developing the Harbor as an international destination of choice.

DE services included:

  • Prepared pro-bono, a comprehensive Sediment Sampling and Analysis Plan in support of funding and environmental permit applications;

  • Successfully assisted Town of Wilson and Niagara County leadership in the preparation of a Niagara River Greenway Commission Grant application for the project;

  • Prepared a Quality Assurance Project Plan and Health and Safety Plan;

  • Conducted sediment and water sampling in accordance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) and USACE’s Great Lake Dredged Material Testing and Evaluation Manual and the Inland Testing Manual;

  • Analyzed chemical and biological data and prepared a Sediment Characterization Report to determine the potential for unacceptable adverse impacts on the water column, benthic communities, and other freshwater habitats and organisms;

  • Collected soundings and prepared a sediment topographic map to estimate the volume of sediment to be dredged for open lake disposal;

  • Prepared a joint permit application package to obtain all necessary federal and state permits for dredging and sediment disposal;

  • Prepared New York Coastal Management Program Consistency Review and Certification documents;

  • Coordinated with the USACE, EPA, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), New York State Department of State (DOS), and private stakeholders;

  • Prepared dredging contract bid documents and contract award recommendations; and

  • Oversaw dredging operations to confirm contractor performance in accordance with permit contract requirements.

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