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Sealand holds permits for the construction and operation of a Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris landfill in Chautauqua County, New York, approximately one mile north of the New York/Pennsylvania State line.  A majority of facility wide stormwater runoff will discharge to Storehouse Run and its tributaries located along the eastern boundary of the site. 

Storehouse Run is classified as C(TS) pursuant to 6 NYCRR Part 701.8 and 701.25, with the (TS) designating a trout spawning stream suitable for fish propagation and survival.  Adherence to the Class C (TS) standards sets the highest bar in New York state for surface water quality treatment.  DE was retained to design a robust stormwater management system that would meet those standards and consider the following:

  • Aquatic, wetland, and terrestrial habitats;

  • Water quality, including dissolved oxygen and suspended solids concentrations;

  • Temperature fluctuations that may threaten the cold water fishery;

  • Flooding potential;

  • Adequacy of the design and protective construction techniques;

  • Operational and maintenance characteristics; and

  • Natural resource management objectives and values.

Runoff from the site will be conveyed through the sediment basins, the graded filter outlet control structure and graded filter emergency spillways to the stream discharge structures.  The main discharge to Storehouse Run consists of a waterfall and a Little Underwater Neighborhood Keepers Encompassing Rheotactic Salmonids (LUNKERS).  The waterfall increases oxygen levels in the discharge and the LUNKERS provides both streambank stability and edge cover aquatic habitat.

The LUNKERS is placed inside a four foot deep trench pool in the bottom of the stream and is coupled with downstream vanes and a wedge dam to provide a thermal refuge for trout and other fish species.  Restoration of the streambank area incorporates biological, mechanical and ecological engineering solutions to limit erosion, control sedimentation and stabilize the soil while improving wildlife habitat, water quality and aesthetics over the long term. 

Permits were issued by NYSDEC for this project in 2020.

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