Modern Landfill, Inc.
Lewiston, New York

Project Manager

Dave Lenox

Contact Number

(716) 773-6872 x203

The future development of a Landfill within a mapped floodplain required authorization from the Town of Lewiston through a Town Floodplain Development Permit.  Daigler Engineering (DE) prepared the necessary hydrologic and hydraulic models to obtain the Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR), including design of an adjacent floodplain wetland doubling as compensating flood storage.


Floodplain improvements included the removal of existing undersized culvert sets within the associated water course, restoration of open channel flow, and connection of a relocated drainageway to the constructed compensating flood storage area. 


Culvert replacement options meeting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District and NYSDEC requirements for aquatic life movement were evaluated based on the site-specific conditions with the most cost-effective option selected, a prefabricated bridge.

For this project, DE:

  • Prepared erosion and sediment control methods suitable for working within and adjacent to a NYSDEC waterway.

  • Selected and specified the appropriate riparian and floodplain vegetation for stabilization of the restored open channel segments and the constructed floodplain area

  • Provided a preliminary bridge design and approved shop drawings for the prefabricated bridge

  • Designed the reinforced concrete bridge foundation, and

  • Completed the construction quality assurance program for the prefabricated bridge installation.