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Wastewater treatment operations at industrial facilities, such as the Greenidge Power Generating Station, can have complex State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) Permits.  DE manages the many moving parts to Greenidge’s Industrial SPDES Permit authorizing effluent discharges from 13 sub outfalls.  Each sub-outfall has a unique set of parameters of concern and monitoring schedule ranging between continuous, weekly, twice per month, monthly, and quarterly.  Sampling protocols and effluent limits vary with the season, for a number of sample types including grab samples and 24-hour composites.  Every five years quarterly Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) testing must be conducted. 

DE coordinates with the facility operator, the field services personnel, and the laboratory to help ensure all necessary data is collected in a timely and appropriate manner.  DE then analyzes and reports the data in the US EPA’s online Discharge Monitoring Report System (NetDMR) on a monthly basis.  

Yearly add-ons to these monthly DMRs must also be prepared and submitted via NetDMR.  These add-ons include the annual laboratory certifications, a water treatment chemical report form, and an annual review and confirmation of the Best Management Practices Plan for control of stormwater pollution potential.

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