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IsleChem LLC provides chemical products and services to the U.S. marketplace and over 20 countries internationally.  As a growing business, IsleChem required additional space to temporarily store chemical products before shipment to its customers.  IsleChem retained DE to scope and complete the geotechnical investigation needed for the pre-engineered warehouse building foundation design. 

DE determined the appropriate number, location and depth of exploratory boreholes, observed the drilling program, designed a laboratory testing program, selected representative samples for testing and prepared the geotechnical report, focusing on:

  • Stratigraphy;

  • Allowable Bearing Capacity;

  • Settlement;

  • Lateral Earth Pressures;

  • Seismic Site Class;

  • Site Preparation Tasks; and,

  • Foundation Soil Bearing Grade Inspection requirements.


The owner must ensure a “Qualified Inspector” has been assigned to observe and inspect materials, installation, fabrication, and placement of components and connections where special expertise is needed.  DE’s qualified staff completed the on-site bearing grade inspections in accordance with State Design Standards and Special Inspections Chapter 17 of the New York State Building Code, certifying the work had been constructed in conformance with the technical specifications and drawings.

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April 22, 2020

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