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Seneca Meadows, Inc. (SMI) planned to construct a new double composite landfill on their solid waste management facility site in Seneca Falls, New York.  The plan required comprehensive site investigations, environmental analyses, engineering designs, operational plans and related documents for the permit application.

The 95-acre Southeast Landfill (SELF) parcel lies adjacent the 25-acre Tantalo waste disposal area, at the time a Class 2 inactive hazardous waste site on the NYSDEC registry.  The proximity of the Tantalo site required a demonstration under the former 6 NYCRR 360-1.9(g)(1) regulatory reqirement (now 6 NYCRR 360.16(h)) that the SELF would not interfere with the future site remedial program for Tantalo, or expose the environment or public health to significantly increased threat of harm.  Once this demonstration was made, application documents prepared in support of the SELF design included the Site Investigation Report, the “1.9(g) Report”, Engineering Report, fill progression plans, Operations and Maintenance Manual, Construction Quality Assurance and Quality Control Plan, Contingency Plan,  Environmental Monitoring Plan and Closure/Post Closure Plan.

To reduce cost and simplify construction, regulatory variances were evaluated, analyzed, submitted and approved.  These variances allowed for reductions in the scope of the geosynthetic QA sampling and testing requirements and a reduction in soil sampling and testing frequencies based on statistical analysis of source soil data. 


Contract construction drawings, technical specifications and related bid documents were prepared for the purpose of obtaining competitive bids for the work.

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