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An avid fly fisherman and author, DE’s client wished to enhance the recreational value of his 44-acre property by building a nine-acre pond that would provide fishing and nature viewing opportunities, as well as improved natural aesthetics.  The project was to be financed through the sale of over 150,000 cubic yards of the moist fine grained clayey soils found during the site investigation that are ideally suited for landfill construction.

A Mined Land Reclamation permit was required from the NYSDEC.  A regulated drainageway that discharges to the West Branch of the Niagara River bisects the site, which also included New York State and Federal Jurisdictional Wetlands.  The proposed pond impacted a NYSDEC wetland adjacent area and USACE jurisdictional wetland.  Accordingly, a joint wetland permit application was prepared under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Article 24 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law. 

A Special Use Permit was required from the Town, requiring detailed information regarding hydrology and pond water level fluctuation, the effects of truck traffic, soil permeability, habitat loss, wetland and stream impacts, and the potential to drain a nearby waterway.  All agreed that aquatic life movements were to be maintained in the regulated drainageway during the estimated two to three year Pond excavation and site restoration activity. 

An Alternatives Analysis presenting a number of Pond design options from full build out to no wetland impact and comparing each option to the project purpose, including a financial feasbility evaluation, was prepared to the satisfaction of the NYSDEC and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  The resulting Mined Land Use Plan allowed for the re-routing of the regulated drainagway around the perimeter of the Pond to maintain aquatic life movements, designed to provide suitable habitat for spawing fish while the Pond filled.  Mitigation wetland was incoporated into the shoreline and littoral zone using biological, mechanical and ecological engineering elements that protect and improve water quality and habitat diversity over the long term. 

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