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An inactive rural landfill site with no readily available electrical power system and a low rate of gravity leachate flow was required by the regulating authority to install a continuous flow monitoring system.  DE was retained to design a flow metering system capable of measuring and recording instantaneous flowrates and totalized flow values. 

DE services included:

  • Evaluation of low flow metering technologies (area velocity, ultrasonic, electromagnetic, digital paddlewheel), and selection of the most appropriate and economical system;

  • Reconfiguration of the existing leachate drain to re-route flow to a large 60° V trapezoidal flume and ultrasonic open channel flow level sensor;

  • Sizing of a solar power and battery backup system capable of energizing the metering system and withstanding harsh winter conditions;

  • Preparation of permit applications and construction documents;

  • Construction Quality Assurance during the site infrastructure modifications and flow metering/solar power system installation;

  • Operation and Maintenance Manual tailored for use by field personnel for maintenance, repair, calibration, and flow data collection; and,

  • Construction Certification Report and drawings for regulatory review.

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