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VBG proposed a commercial development project that would result in the filling of federal jurisdictional wetlands and jurisdictional drainageways. 


DE provided mitigation site selection, property acquisition, mitigation design and permit application services for the project, including those addressing the requirements of the USEPA/USACE joint regulations under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and the March 2014 Compensatory Stream Mitigation Evaluation Method developed by the USACE Buffalo District. 

The site selection process analyzed various properties throughout the impacted watershed for suitability considering the following:

  • Existing site hydrology

  • Existing site vegetation

  • Existing invasive species

  • Site access

  • Restrictive local Code criteria

  • Adjacent land use

  • Proximity to highways or major roadways


DE identified a 35.8-acre parcel of land with a large formerly cultivated field that was well suited for freshwater wetland and drainageway mitigation.  Wetland and stream delineation at the mitigation site identified existing jurisdictional forested wetland drain, shallow emergent marsh and shrub swamp totaling 6.9 acres and a jurisdictional 1,230 linear foot long intermittent drainageway.  An additional hydraulically and ecologically self-sustaining 13.2 acres of forested, shrub-swamp and emergent marsh wetland and over 1,200 linear feet of created, restored or enhanced intermittent drainageway were incorporated into the mitigation site by design to account for the unavoidable impacts at the commercial development project.  The mitigation planting plan relies on natural colonization, the use of seed mixtures, and tree and shrub plantings.  Disturbed upland areas are seeded with an erosion-control seed mixture.

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