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A landfill site was restricted by the location of a high-pressure gas line, New York State Jurisdictional wetlands, and facility infrastructure including a Recyclables Handling and Recovery Facility.  The design of a Mechanically Stabilized Earthen (MSE) Berm solved the grade difference problem immediately adjacent to the high-pressure gas line without relocating it. 

The MSE Berm was designed and specified to utilize soil excavated at the landfill site, as such the design consisted of a silty clay soil between layers of primary and secondary reinforcement geogrid with facing consisting of wire welded form baskets filled with a crushed rock filter.  Daigler Engineering prepared quantity takeoffs, shopped pricing, completed the construction material qualification, managed delivery of the manufactured materials, and was responsible for the construction quality assurance program and the final Certification Report accepted by the NYSDEC.   The MSE Berm project was featured in an article included in the February 2013 Erosion Control Magazine. 

One objective of the design was to analyze discreet segments and zones within the berm to establish the most cost effective materials for the construction, resulting in a wide variety materials.  DE managed the procurement and delivery of the following:

  • Soil and Aggregates

  • Geosynthetic/Manufactured Materials:

    • Primary SG-200 geogrid for LTDS of 1,919 plf

    • Primary SG- 350 geogrid for LTDS 2,666 plf

    • Primary SG-500 geogrid for LTDS 3,412 plf 

    • Six-ounce woven geotextile

    • Ten-ounce non-woven geotextile

    • Galvanized MSE Baskets

    • Gabion Baskets

    • Reno Mattresses

    • Fiberglass reinforcement straps


DE reviewed and approved the manufacturers quality control and quality assurance data prior to payment and coordinated delivery of the materials to the site.  DE staffed and completed the third-party inspection and certification of the construction, including:


  • MSE Berm subgrade inspection

  • Grid and other geosynthetic material placement and burial inspections

  • Compacted structural fill soil moisture and density measurements

  • Confirmatory soil sampling and lab report review/approvals

  • Field measurements of structural fill unconfined compressive strength

  • MSE Basket and reinforcement geogrid placement confirmation

  • Record survey data checked against the specified tolerances

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