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Jim brings over 45 years of experience in the geo-environmental engineering and construction industry to the table.  Jim’s hands on career spans employment with a heavy-highway contractor, a consulting firm and a private solid waste management facility owner.  Jim has worked on and managed hundreds of projects involving the siting, design, permitting, construction and operation of solid waste management facilities, specializing in land disposal engineering.  These contemporary disposal facility management efforts brought a wide range of knowledge and experience in public relations, administrative processes, environmental science and civil/geotechnical engineering.  In 2002 Jim put that experience to good use founding Daigler Engineering and assembling a team of bright environmental scientists and engineers dedicated to their professional obligations and client service.

Senior Scientist / Group Manager


Bethany’s varied background has afforded her a wide breadth of knowledge in environmental science and engineering.  After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Forest Biology from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, she went on to receive her Master and doctorate degrees in Civil (Environmental) Engineering at the University at Buffalo.  Bethany spent nearly four years with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency working in the Office of Research and Development in the areas of urban stormwater management, wastewater disinfection, and biosolids.  Since starting with Daigler Engineering in 2007, Bethany has been involved in a large variety of projects from air modeling to hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.  Her background in laboratory research lends well to data analysis and statistics and data validation and usability.  The majority of her projects involve State and Federal permitting and permit management.  In her group manager role, Bethany is responsible for the productivity of Daigler Engineering’s staff and the quality of their work products.

Senior Engineer / Project Manager


David has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New York.  David has worked at Daigler Engineering for more than 11 years and in that time has advanced from an entry level engineer position to project management as a Senior Engineer.  David is responsible for the design, permitting and construction of geo-environmental and solid waste facility projects including landfills, surface water drainage systems, wetland mitigation, surface mines, and sewer systems.  He also is responsible for reporting and certification for landfill Construction Quality Assurance/Construction Quality Control (CQA/CQC) projects, SPCC Plans, and data assessments.  Through his time at Daigler Engineering, David has grown to be involved in all aspects of wetland and stream permitting including participating in wetland delineations and walkovers in the field, drafting wetland delineation reports,  drafting permit application Alternatives Analyses, Pre-Construction Notices, and Wetland and Stream Mitigation Plans.

Senior Geotechnical Engineer


DE is very excited to have recently welcomed on board, long time associate Peter Carey.  Peter has been a practicing geotechnical engineer since 1978, following completion of post graduate studies.  During this time Peter has amassed significant experience in the areas of site exploration design, deep and shallow foundation behavior, design of high fills over week soils, dewatering, excavation support, slope stability, MSE system designs, solid waste and industrial waste behavior, landfill geotechnics and numerical and statistical methods for detailed design and analysis of complex systems.  Since 1986, Peter has been involved in hundreds of landfill design and permitting projects with specific attention to issues related to stability, leachate generation and collection, settlement predictions, waste overfill liner system performance, and specialty designs for structures within the waste.  Since 2006 Peter has gained experience in the analysis and mitigation plan development for landfills generating excess heat and experiencing high temperatures. 

Senior Engineering Geologist


Glenn began his professional career in 1979 and has since then been exposed to a wide variety of environmental, geotechnical, and geologic projects and settings.  Glenn has amassed a significant level of experience in field investigation, sampling technology, data analysis, technical report preparation, construction inspection/oversight and program development.  Glenn has held primary responsibility for the design, implementation and management of hundreds of projects including those in the fields of groundwater and soil remediation, landfill site investigation and characterization, oil and gas exploration, soil vapor intrusion/extraction, deep sediment sampling, blast program management, radioactive disposal site investigation and coal mining operations.  A benefit of that varied experience is Glenn’s practical knowledge of diverse drilling, sample collection and investigation methods.  Glenn is instrumental and a favored mentor in supervising younger staff members, responsible to see through to completion all aspects of site investigation, analytical testing, data analysis, system design, and reporting in the preparation of Permit applications and the implementation of a wide variety of projects.

CADD Manager / Radiation Safety Officer


Sam  began his career at DE in the spring of 2012 as a member of the Construction Quality Assurance team for a MSW landfill double composite bottom liner system, and as a junior draftsman in DE's CADD department.  As an Environmental Technician Sam gained valuable experience in groundwater, surface water, and sediment sampling, water well development, SWPPP inspections/sampling, and total station site mapping.   Sam earned his Associates Degree in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology in 2017 and put his field experience and technical training to good use preparing high quality engineering drawings and surface models for earthwork computation and GPS equipment control files.  Sam continues to expand his skillset and value, taking on the responsibilities of Radiation Safety Officer and Code Review Specialist in 2020.

Staff Engineer I


Jarret began working at Daigler Engineering in June of 2019 upon completion of his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University at Buffalo.  Jarret's first project assignment was as a staff engineer for the design of a solid waste transfer station including  a motion study, development of floor plan options, a noise impact analysis, equipment specification and the preparation of engineering and operations documents for the facility registration application.  Jarret was next assigned the role of Geosynthetic Construction Observer for a landfill closure project, where he gained valuable insight on construction processes that now aid in his design efforts.  Jarret's responsibilities range from data analysis and preparation and checking of  engineering calculations to Recyclables Handling and Recovery Facility and shoreline stabilization project design and technical report writing.

Staff Scientist I


Ryan has a Master’s Degree in Lake Management from SUNY College at Oneonta and has been working with Daigler Engineering, PC since the fall of 2019.  Ryan’s experience with aquatic ecology has allowed us to expand the services we offer to include projects related to water quality sampling, fisheries evaluations, aquatic plant management, and invasive species management.  Since he started at Daigler Engineering he has worked on numerous projects related to wetland and other environmental permitting, data analysis, water quality sampling, environmental site assessments, and construction quality assurance/construction quality control.

Administrative Assistant


Ashley is our newest addition at Daigler Engineering. She comes from a background in Administration, Marketing, and Customer Service. Ashley earned her Associates Degree in Human Resource (HR) Management from Bryant & Stratton in 2016. Ashley handles administrative and HR functions and financial matters such as general bookkeeping and accounts payable/receivable. Ashley also provides essential document production services.

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